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Human-like robot speaks into microphone using Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), combines technology with the linguistics of human language. It enables machines and humans to fluently speak the same language and efficiently exchange data, information and ideas.
The complexity of an IoT application virtually guarantees a security breach at some point in the system’s life cycle. By applying a methodical approach to security, however, organizations can anticipate threats and lessen the impact of successful attacks.
Cloud computing’s insatiable appetite for speed, reliability, power, redundancy, and just about everything is radically changing data center system design. Examine the innovations shaping next-generation data centers.
Space is arguably the toughest environment for electronics. From the launch process to orbit, space presents challenges not found in more down-to-earth applications.
Efficiency is a metric of power supply performance, but loss is what matters. As efficiencies approach 100 percent, loss becomes an element in overall consumption.


Innovation begins with an idea that may come as an inspiration and then, through a lot of hard work, maturing that idea into something that fills a need. Although this has long been the essential path for turning ideas into products, the way that gets done is changing.
Discover the latest news from the electronics industry, expert insights, industry articles, and in-depth technical reports, as well as our regular update on product introduction and supplier news.
Keep up to date in on what's important in technology, innovation, and engineering design as we explore their applications and impacts.
Take a look at our collaborative works with suppliers and manufacturers in which the newest updates in their events and technologies are featured.
Mouser and Grant Imahara explore a number of interesting engineering design topics, project builds and more. Join us on a quest for new knowledge. See a direct connection between ideas and products, and how it’s all applied into a working solution.

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Las calculadoras de conversión en línea de Mouser ofrecen un recurso único para diversos cálculos en la industria de dispositivos electrónicos.


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Un lugar para los diversos puntos de vista dentro del área de tecnología, ciencia e ingeniería de ingenieros de diseño, personas con información privilegiada de la industria, estudiantes, socios proveedores de Mouser, entre otros.

Aplicaciones y Tecnologías

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Obtenga información sobre las más recientes aplicaciones y tendencias de la industria con tutoriales y recursos informativos de diseño sobre mercados verticales.