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All Things IoT
All Things IoT

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IoT Security

Security is Confidence

IoT solutions require advanced communication platforms and cloud solutions that facilitate seamless integration of devices, networks, gateways, sensors, applications and services. Maxim offers embedded IoT security and authentication while Digi and Murata provide hardware/software solutions that protect data and prevent exposure to potential vulnerabilities, hacking and other breaches for unsurpassed confidence.

IoT Connectivity

Making Connections

From smart cities to factories (IIoT) or smart agriculture to connected cars, connectors help bring these IoT applications and others together. Whether it's USB Type-C, Bluetooth/BLE, Thread, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, IEEE 802.16, LoRa and others, Digi, Maxim, TE Connectivity and Murata offer a wide range of connectivity solutions that connect and exchange data.

IoT Processing

Process Your Options

Low-power MCUs, System on Chip (SoCs) and Single-Board Computers (SBCs) are essential for developing smarter sensor nodes featuring pre-certified connectivity and peripherals in a secure, compact form factor. Digi and Maxim deliver several processor options that make systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy efficiency.

IoT Power Management

Powering Innovation

IoT, combined with the green energy trend, demands that small devices operate autonomously for long periods of time while consuming little power. Also, the surge of portable IoT devices has created a need for multiple customized versions of voltage regulators. Maxim, TE Connectivity and Murata provide the power and power delivery solutions to power up all your IoT innovations.

IoT Sensors

Sensing Everything

As IoT applications continue to proliferate, sensors undertake a more responsible part, which for the most part, precisely detect or measure a physical quality and enumerate it into a value that can be read by a user or another device. Whether it's measuring or detecting temperature, proximity, pressure, optical, motion or more, Digi, Maxim, TE Connectivity and Murata offer products that make sense of it all.


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